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Leave the “right side up” world behind, take a journey, and experience the power of Jesus working through His body in a way like never before.


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Image by Joshua Hanks

What is upside down warfare?

 Submission that starts with giving up our false identities (every single one), taking our new identity, and letting it shape every area of our life (physical body, sexuality, mind, emotions, spirit, finances, family relationships, friends, church community)

Image by Jon Tyson

What is a upside down warrior?

A person who is searching to recognize s their weaknesses and vow to never fight in isolation to be all that God created them to be.  To be courageous enough to do this in spite of at times appearing weak and having to be shamelessly vulnerable.

Image by Alexandra Fuller

What should I expect?

As upside down warriors we learn to slow down, to rely on a higher power for strength, to embrace our complete poverty and learn to become completely still and wait on God.

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