We are always looking for extra hands. If you are among those that have been blessed with the gift of serving and/or organizing opportunities for others to serve; we are looking for people like you. We as a ministry are always praying that God would provide the laborers as it says in Luke 10:2,

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."

Our desire as a ministry is to develop leaders, for tomorrows future generation.


To do this we believe that the young adults of this generation must be trained and given experience in ministry. Our SALT program is designed to help students be educated in the word of God and gain pratical experience at a affordable rate. Students in the SALT program are involved with multiple classes. During the week they take what they have learned and apply it. They do this by participate as a intern at our ministry. Though our prices for the SALT program are competitively low and classes taken are acredited by several Christian Colleges, many young adults struggle with joining the program. The reason being, that many student have loans and other bills that  prohibit them from joining any ministry.


Partnering with us in developing future leaders.




Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to engage the Bronx with discipleship at a new level for youth, teens, and individuals with special needs. 


One weekend or week in Carmel will not fix all their problems. Those that we reach need regular discipleship in their lives to grow in Christ.


This leads to why the mission of CBF is passionate about bringing regular discipleship to everyday lives in the Bronx. Each of us needs regular encouragement and truth poured into our lives as we go through hard times. This is even truer for youth, teens, and individuals with special needs that are growing up in the poorest neighborhood in the US.


We need your continued help. 

Please join us in Bringing Hope that Thrives.

Since the 1940's, Children's Bible Fellowship's camping program has been dedicated to sharing the gospel and training up future leaders.


Each summer our goal is to reach families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To do this we need the help of supporters like you!


As a ministry, we often come in contact with families going through financial hardship. We don't want finances to be a stumbling block for those in need of God's Light.  By offering scholarships to camp families we can reach those who otherwise would not have the ability to come. Funds for these scholarships are supplied by our donors through our Send A Camper to Camp campaign. Money given in this campaign is used to cover the expenses of each camper, including transportation, food, activities, counseling and support staff.

We as ministers recognize the greatness comes from faithfulness of supporters like you, even when its something as simple as a dollar a day.


If you were to donate one dollar for 20 days it would equal to enough money to support a SALT student for a whole day. If you were to do five more days you  would have paid for a whole day of city ministry. If you were really dedicated within 64 days you would have paid for a day at camper for a camper in the summer.


There are many ways to give towards the ministry. Each gift help us as a ministry reach more people and develope leaders that are capable of repreating the disciplship process.

Below are some key areas your gifts can help the ministry:

Donated items help the ministry put funds were they are needed most.


Children's Bible Fellowship's needs are very similar to your own home. Things like toliet paper and food are needed to help us function as a ministry. Our desire is to put the funds that are donated where they are needed the most. 


Help us spend less of tiolet paper and more on discipleship by donating needed items. 

With each season our needs change, but many items are needed year round. 

For more information feel free to contact us:


Give now and help fund the discipleship of both youth and their families.

We here at Children's Bible Fellowship do our best to use each donation to its fullest potential.

Below are some key areas your donation can help the ministry: