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Monthly Cost
Monthly Cost

Participation in SALT, is approximately $600 per month and includes:


Room and Board

Education Material

Debt-Free Plan

One of the hallmarks of this program is the goal that each participant leave debt-free. 


To ensure that, we have several suggestions to cover the mothly cost.

1. Employment Opportunities

We encourage participants to obtain outside employment  in order to cover cost of living. Participants would need  to work a minimum of 20 hours in addition to time spent  working as Apprentices to cover SALT Fees.

2. Payment Plans

After a participant is accepted into SALT, we will allow them to sign up for a personalized monthly payment plan.

3. Fundraising & Sponsorship

To defray the cost of training, we also encourage our apprentices to raise money via various fundraising endeavors. We also encourage students to find people who would partner in their ministry endeavors by providing sponsorship.    


Sponsors can be a local church congregation, a pastor, or a personal acquaintance and can give any amount to help you reach your goals.

**Donations can be made directly to Children's Bible Fellowship and are tax deductible.**

Debt free
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