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Archived Announcements

February 2018

Dear Friends,

The support you provide to Children’s Bible Fellowship is a true blessing, and one which allows us to help guide so many along their walks with Christ. We understand your charity is an outward expression of your faith and love, which makes sharing the following news with you all the more difficult. In recent weeks, leadership has discovered some accounting irregularities while reviewing our financial records. Sadly, a former member of the CBF family has admitted, to our Board, responsibility for some of these trespasses. With prayerful consideration, we promptly referred this matter to the New York State Police and we are in full cooperation with their ongoing investigation. Please rest assured that we will act in a transparent manner throughout this investigation, as well as in all of the organization’s financial matters going forward. Already, stricter standards are being established with the guidance of our Board and independent professionals. We sincerely appreciate your continued generosity and support for the work of Children’s Bible Fellowship.


Yours in faith,

Sean Stewart, CEO

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