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Our Goal

To grow youth in the Bronx who have a transformative relationship with Christ from current levels to 15% over the next ten years.  This goal is established to mirror a goal of growth in healthy gospel based church attendance in NYC to 15% as set by the RISE campaign.  


Our Strategy
  • Meet a significant need in the community by providing a safe gathering place for youth (children and teens) and individuals with special needs in their neighborhoods.

    • The safe place must be multi-purpose and have the flexibility to accommodate small group discipleship interactions as well as large group physical activities.   

    • Due to winter conditions in NYC, the safe place will need to be indoors.

    • We will utilize this safe place to attract, disciple, and grow youth into individuals whose lives are transformed by the gospel.  


  • To attract youth, CBF will offer a variety of programs that will be designed to be gospel-centered and to point individuals to Christ using our core values. Programs will include:

    • afterschool tutoring and mentoring

    •  sports such as  running, basketball, other athletic activities

    •  skills training

    •  music, drama, dance, arts

    •  media events

    •  Bible studies

    •  community events

    • community service


  • By developing a significant presence in the community, CBF will be able to develop depth in relationships which will open the door to greater transformative discipleship.


  • Engage Gospel-centered church organizations, who desire to grow healthy neighborhood churches, to help with our goal.


  • Show churches how meeting significant community needs for youth will attract families who have spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.  As these families connect with the benefits growing in the lives of their youth, they will be primed to become part of a healthy church body.  


  • A sponsoring church can use the relationships, momentum, and physical resources to grow a new church in the neighborhood at the same location.  


  • When churches who desire to plant and start churches see the opportunity, they will be encouraged to fund a significant part of the facility overhead.  


  • As churches take significant ownership for ongoing overhead costs, CBF will be positioned to use its funding resources to grow this strategy across NYC.  


  • CBF will expand its summer camp operations in Carmel.  Camp Hope and Camp Joy will be utilized as mountain-top experiences for individuals who are being discipled by the ministry.  The camps will additionally be used to experiment with our ministry models and develop young leaders.


  • The Carmel campus will be utilized throughout the year as a cost effective ministry headquarters, a place for retreats, a place to house and train leaders and staff, and a place to offer opportunities for church partners.


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