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Registration Questions

What is the procedure to attend Camp Hope?

 All potential guests must participate in an assessment process to determine if Camp Hope can meet their support and care needs. First, the parent/guardian must submit an Assessment Request form. Next, the guest (accompanied by a parent) will attend a program event. During this time our leadership team will determine the guest's abilities and needs. Last, the leadership team will contact the parent concerning placement within the Summer Session. (Please Note: Attending a program event DOES NOT GUARANTEE the guest will attend Camp Hope. )

How do I register?

For New Guests: If you have not attended Camp Hope in the last two years you must complete the Assessment Process.

For Returning Guests: Returning guests to Camp Hope can register online using the link you received in your email. If you did not receive an email contact: 

How long are the Sessions?

Sessions at Camp Hope begin Sunday and end Wednesday.  

Location and TIme: TBD

What are the physical and/or developmental disabilities that are served at Camp Hope?

 Camp Hope guests have various disabilities including (not limited to): 

Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Bifida
Muscular Dystrophy
Visual Impairments
Mild or Moderate Intellectual Disabilities 
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Other Orthopedic or Neurological Disabilities

How many sessions can my camper attend?

Guests of Camp Hope are assigned one session to attend. 

What is the age range of new Camp Hope campers?

The age range of new campers is 11 to 18 years old.

Who are the Hope Counselors?

Camp Hope counselors are carefully selected, college-aged believers.  We select staff with character and compassion. These men and women are well-rounded individuals who desire to serve those with special needs. They undergo orientation training prior to camp in order to learn how to effectively minister to our special needs guests.


A 2:1 campers/counselor ratio is kept to ensure care necessary for each camper.

Does Camp Hope have a variety of activities for the campers?

Camp Hope desires to give children and adults unforgettable memories with experiences such as (not limited to):


Music                             Crafts                                        Games

Baking                           Worship                                    Archery     

Canoeing                      Campfires                                 Nature Activities

Talent Shows                Bible Studies                            Swimming

Is Camp Hope a safe environment?

Our compassionate and competent nurses are on site and on call 24/7.

They distribute medications and work closely with local physicians to assure proper care for the campers.  Camp Hope is located 8 miles from Putnam Hospital Center. A physicians exam, doctor's orders, health history and immunization record are required of each camper and staff member prior to camp. Each staff member undergoes a screening, interview, and background check. 

All staff complete special training in understanding disabilities, transfers, hygiene, skin care, and emergency procedures. The New York State Department of Health inspects Camp Hope twice each summer. To see past inspection reports or a copy of our safety plans, please contact the Putnam County Department of Health, 4 Geneva Rd. Brewster, NY 10509.

What is the camper/counselor ratio?

 A 2:1 campers/counselor ratio is kept to ensure care necessary for each camper.

Financial Questions

What is the cost?

Session Registration ($100) + Camp Fee ($300) = Total Cost ($400)

What if I can not afford to send my camper to camp?

We do not want money to stop you from sending your child to camp. Those with financial needs are welcome to apply for a camp voucher. Camp Hope can also provide contact information for agencies which may help cover costs. 

Transportation Questions

Is there Transportation available?

CBF provides transportation to and from the established Check-In location on Sunday and Wednesday of each week.

Location and Time: TBD   


Parents/Guardians are also welcome to transport the guest directly to the Campground: 250 Nimham Rd, Carmel, NY

Where is the Camp?

 250 Nimham Road, Carmel, NY, 10512

Personal Belongings Questions

What do I need to pack?

A full list of Items to bring can be found HERE

Do I need to send bedding with my camper to Camp?

Yes, please send your child to camp with a sleeping bag and a pillow or with blankets, a pillow and sheets. We recommend a sleeping bag as it is much easier to mange.  

Do I need to identify my camper's clothing?

The camper's name should be clearly marked on all clothing, luggage, and personal items with a permanent marker. For your convenience, we suggest using an iron-on label for your clothing.  You can try this company: will NOT be responsible for any damaged or lost clothing or personal items.  Each guest must have enough clothing for the entire session. Laundry Services will not be provided.  

Do I need to send pending money for my camper?

Guests are invited to bring spending money to purchase snacks and a camp t-shirt.

Can my camper bring his or her cell phone?

Camp Hope Sessions are a time of retreat from the busyness of life--including electronic devices. We desire our Camp Hope guests to build connection and community with those around them through full participation in the camp program. TO that end, we request that guests do not bring electronic devices to camp. Campers wishing to have photos of their time at camp can view pictures after the session has ended on our facebook page. 

Contacting Camper Questions

Can I call my camper while they are at Camp?

Guests are not allowed to bring cell phones to their camp sessions. In emergency situations, parents may contact a member of our leadership team. 

Can I visit my camper at Camp?

We have found that visits during camp have not been helpful to the camper, or to other campers who do not have a visitor.  We do, however, strongly encourage you to send letters or e-mails to your camper.  You can send your e-mails to, with the camper's name in the subject line. 


You are also welcome to visit the camp on arrival or departure day if you are transporting your guest.

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