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CBF Challenge Retreat

Join us this summer on either July 20th-22nd or Aug. 24th-26th for a weekend of experiential learning, fellowship with God, and action-packed fun. Sign up with your youth group soon because slots will fill up fast!

General Information


  • July 20th-22nd

  • August 24th-26th


  • 7th-12th


  • All Youth groups are to provide their leaders for day and overnight supervision. We will do the rest!


  • $125 per attendee. This includes your entire weekend, housing, food, and games!

Fellowship with God

Throughout the retreat we will have a traditional chapel service in the evenings, devotional time in the morning, and space for moments of reflection. Our goal is to provide conversation starters for you and your youth to engage in deep spiritual truth together.

Activities to expect

Come ready for an assortment of high energy games both indoors and out as well more relaxed activites. Get excited to create some significant memories this summer with your students!

CBF Challenge

What is CBF Challenge?

  • Interactive narrative adventures where individuals internalize gospel-based principles through experiential learning.

  • The Challenge: CBF Challenges bring a group of individuals together to accomplish a set of trials. These tasks are challenging, hands-on experiences within a curated narrative. The participants become immersed in the narrative to work through a scenario with their team. As they do this, the individuals will be put to the test. They will be faced with both relationship and teambuilding exercises, as well as physical and mental challenges. Our narratives are designed to put participants into uncomfortable and challenging situations, creating tension amongst the team to promote growth.

  • The Debrief: At the commencement of the scenario, the participants will debrief their experience with our trained facilitators. During the debrief, the facilitators will explain how the gospel-based principles are woven into the story. In addition, they will show how scripture has inspired both the acted-out challenges and the written narrative. Then the facilitators will share their testimony of similar real-life challenges and how God worked in their lives through them. Throughout the debrief, facilitators will guide the participants to understand their brokenness and need for Christ through questioning and self-reflection. 

What Our Clients Say

Click the button below to save your spot! One of our staff will follow up with you from there.

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